Zahir Mahmood – Gaza Through Our Eyes

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In early 2009 a historic international aid convoy, called Viva Palestina, traveled over 3000 km in an effort to break the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip. The convoy consisting of over 100 vehicles, set off its journey from London to Gaza via Europe and North Arfica. This lecture entitled “Gaza, through our eyes” by Shaykh Zahir Mahmood describes his firsthand account of the epic journey to Gaza.

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GAZA Through Our Eyes

Charities Helping Gaza
Muslim Aid | Human Appeal | Lebanon Aid

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2 Responses to “Zahir Mahmood – Gaza Through Our Eyes”

  1. Fatimah Says:

    Asalaamualaikum, would I be able to have a free cd distributed to me?

    • aswjmedia Says:

      Wassalamu alaikum Fatimah

      You may now get your monthly ASWJ Media CD delivered to you monthly for $50/year (Australia). Please contact us below to arrange how.

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