Bilal Philips – 21st Century Jaahiliyyah

Jumaad-al-Aakhirah 1432 Hijri CD distribution 3350 CDs Produced

Dr. Bilal Philips discusses two main issues facing the Muslim Ummah at present – Traditionalism and Rationalism. From these, Shaykh Bilal discusses their practical affects into our society as Bi’dah, Sufism, Mathabism, Modernism and Secularism. Finally he concludes with the solution to this modern day “Jaahiliyyah” (ignorance).

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3 Responses to “Bilal Philips – 21st Century Jaahiliyyah”

  1. جمال الدين Says:

    Masha’Allah! Keep them coming. 🙂

  2. Mohammed Says:

    Thank you a lot….
    Mashaa Allah

  3. Umm 'Amarah Says:

    MashaaAllah, this has to be one of the best lectures I have listened to. I found it very beneficial. Jazaakumullahu Khayran.

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