Syrian Uprising – Abu Adnan and Mustapha Al Majzoub: Double Lecture

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ASWJ Media present a special double lecture presentation dedicated to our brothers and sisters in Syria. The presentation includes;

1 -Nusrah for Balaad Ash-Shaam  by Shaykh Abu Adnan, and

2 -The Satanic Regime by Shaykh Mustapha Al Majzoub.

This presentation covers:  The virtues of Ash-Shaam, Advice and support for their uprising and evidence for its legitimacy, The history of the Assad regime and their current and historical atrocities, and lastly an emotional du’aa for the people of Syria.

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4 Responses to “Syrian Uprising – Abu Adnan and Mustapha Al Majzoub: Double Lecture”

  1. Idrees muhammad Alwuba Says:

    Alhamdulillah,masha’Allah,such an important lecture,may Allah s.w.t acept it as a foam of ibadah,and grant us spritual benefit of the lecture.

  2. ghiath Says:

    may allah bless shaik mustafa who didnt fear no one but allah ,and reward him paradise jana, and make his grave a paradise from jana and light ,and destroy his enemys amen….

  3. mahmood zubairu Says:

    Jazakallahul khayr ya sheik,,may Allah reward limitlessly,,Amin

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