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Al-Hijr (also known as the Hateem) is that crescent-shaped area immediately adjacent to the Ka‘bah. Many books refer to this area as “Hijr Ismaa‘eel”. Some go as far as saying that Prophet Ismaa‘eel and his mother Haajar (peace be upon both of them) are buried there – hence the name. However, there is no authentic proof for this or for the name; hence the correct way is to refer to it as Al-Hijr without attributing it to Ismaa‘eel (AS).

Quraysh, the noble Makkan tribe, rebuilt the Ka‘bah when its original foundations became very weak; they ran out of money from pure sources and thus were not able to complete construction according to the original dimensions. Therefore, Al-Hijr was left outside and a small wall was built around it to indicate it was part of the Ka‘bah. ‘Aa’ishah (RA) once asked the Prophet (PBUH): “O Messenger of Allaah, can’t I enter the House?” [i.e. Ka‘bah] He said, “Enter Al-Hijr for it is part of the House.” [An-Nasaa’ee]

Did you know?

When rebuilding the Ka‘bah, the tribe of Quraysh stipulated for themselves the condition that all resources used must come from pure sources. That is, earnings from prostitutes, profits from interest-based sales, or money that was acquired wrongfully was not accepted.

Note: The rebuilding occurred prior to Islaam, before the coming of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), when idol worshipping was prevalent.

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