Al-Masjid Al-Haraam | The Sacred Mosque – High Quality Photos, Makkah

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Al-Masjid Al-Haraam is situated in Makkah, a city in current day Saudi Arabia. It was the first mosque to be built on earth, as Allaah says, “Indeed, the first House [of worship] established for mankind was that at Makkah – a blessed place and a guidance for the worlds.” [3:96]

In the centre of the Mosque lies the most sacred house of Allaah on earth – the Ka‘bah. The Ka‘bah is a 15m high stone structure in the shape of a cube, which is the direction of prayer for all Muslims around the world. By the command of Allaah, the Ka‘bah was built by Prophet Ibraheem and his son Ismaa‘eel. Allaah says, “And (remember) when Ibraheem and (his son) Ismaa‘eel were raising the foundations of the House (the Ka‘bah at Makkah), (saying) ‘Our Lord! Accept (this service) from us. Verily, You are the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.’” [2:127]

Did you know?

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “A prayer in this Mosque of mine is better than one thousand prayers anywhere else, except for Al-Masjid Al-Haraam. A prayer in Al-Masjid Al-Haraam is better than one hundred thousand prayers (anywhere else).” [Ahmad]

That means that one prayer in Al-Masjid Al-Haraam is equivalent to the five daily prayers offered over a period of 55 years, 6 months and 20 days!

4 Responses to “Al-Masjid Al-Haraam | The Sacred Mosque – High Quality Photos, Makkah”

  1. yasir khan Says:

    thanks for sending me such a nice pics of Kaaba and harram mosque. can u suggest me how can i get the free video cd for learning arabic language. i will be very thankful to you.

  2. anwar ahmad Says:

    very nice see all muslim

  3. Davis [dawud] Says:

    Jazak Allah, thank you for these beautiful pics.

    Your brother in Islam; Davis from Hai Duong, Viet Nam.

  4. Iliyasu Says:

    Mashallah Ya maiduka nagode da yini Musulmi

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