Al-Multazam | The Place of Clinging – High Quality Photos and Information

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Al-Multazam is the part of the Ka‘bah that is between the Black Stone and the door of the Ka‘bah, and is approximately 2m in length.

Al-Multazam is an area where du‘aa’ is recommended. Mujaahid (Ibn ‘Abbaas’s student) said, “…it is very rare that Allaah is asked for something there, or refuge is sought with him from something, and He does not respond.” [‘Abdur-Razzaaq]

Making du‘aa’ in this area should be carried out in the following manner: the supplicant places his chest, face, forearms and palms against the area of Al-Multazam and calls upon Allaah saying whatever du‘aa’ he wishes. There is no specific du‘aa’ that the Muslim should say in this place.

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